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Intellectual Property Protection

With respect to Global Skyware Ltd product(s) being used, the following patents, or pending patents, may apply:

EP2115908, EP(FR)0735603, EP(FR)0729198, EP(FR)1705746, EP(DE)0735603, EP(DE)0729198, EP(DE)1705746, EP(GB)0735603, EP(GB)0729198, EP(GB)1705746, GB1319644.9, US2012/0326921, US2014/0128124, US6600387, US7474173, US6839037, US7215222, US5521562, US7304552 US5774093, US6094359, US5963109, US5942960, US8422982, US7196675, US7774016, US8155050, US7423609